The following is a Q&A with the first SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN Bruno Zapata.
804’s Community Manager, Tom, sits down with him to get all of his secrets.

“I feel the Need ….

The need to interview
Bruno Zapata!”

Bruno took absolutely no prisoners (which is currently not a feature) and left no question on who the SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN winner of our closed beta would be with a mammoth kill count of 118. With that win, Bruno took all bragging rights, stuffed them in his deep pockets, and also earned himself an exclusive TOP GUN character in SHOOTY TROOPS™.

I will not name names but at least one of the 804 is still trying to get 118 kills with adding all the games together.

The 804 decided it would be best to not let this predator run loose without getting the secret of his Two-Thumb Death Mastery.

804 (Tom): First, Bruno, what is your age and where are you from?

BRUNO ZAPATA (BZ): I’m 22 years old and I’m from Berwyn, IL

804: What are some of your life goals? What do you want to do?

BZ: My life goal is to break into the game industry so that I may become a level designer.

804: Your first name is Bruno. That is not a name to trifle with. Your last name starts with the word “Zap”. Zap means “to destroy or obliterate” or “move suddenly and rapidly”. Considering the mechanics of this game, do you feel your name gave you an unfair advantage?

BZ: My name has definitely helped me. It is unfortunate that not all players will be able to play with a name as perfectly suited for this game as mine.

804: At this point, other players have got to want some tips to gameplay in the planet’s most thumb-intensive, endless arcade shooter. What is the strategy you used to get such a break away score?

BZ: I distanced myself as far away as possible from the next enemy that was about to pop up. This gave me plenty of time to aim directly at enemies and take them out.

804: Without thinking about it …. what is your favorite SHOOTY TROOPS™ character and weapon of choice?

BZ: Turk is my favorite character. The small machine gun is my weapon of choice.

804: If you could design an exclusive SHOOTY TROOPS™ character, what would it be? Would his name be “Tom”?

BZ: My exclusive character would specialize in military aviation and he would take out enemies at lightning-fast speed. Tom would be a great name, however, I believe the nickname “Zap” would be more appropriate for my character.

804: SHOOTY TROOPS™ has gotten a pretty huge positive response during beta. As the SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN, what do you like about the game?

BZ: I love the randomization used to place enemies. It keeps players on their toes and requires them to constantly keep moving from the spot in which they are standing.

804: What features would you like for the 804 to develop or keep putting our creative energies into?

BZ: I would love to see more energy spent on creating power ups, such as armor or a temporary speed boost. This can allow players to reach higher kill streaks.

804: The 804 is all about trying to come up with games that are challenging and, most of all, entertaining. With the humor and approach you saw in SHOOTY TROOPS™ , What kind of game would you like to see the RAG TAG Development team tackle?

BZ: I would love to see your studio develop a game that focuses on destroying an entire city with a similar art style used for SHOOTY TROOPS. The ability to challenge and connect with players through social media would also be a plus.

All of us at the 804 would like to thank Bruno Zapata (trademark pending) for: his testing time, his feedback, his insane pixel destroying thumbs, his gracious acceptance as the first SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN, and his all-out rock star profile interview. Be sure to stop by and congratulate him on his twitter @brnzapata, but announce you are coming…we hear that he is still pretty jumpy from all the SHOOTY TROOPS™ gameplay.

The rest of you SHOOTY TROOPS™ maniacs out there keep those thumbs twitching and tell anyone and everyone humanly possible about SHOOTY TROOPS™.

You can try your hand at beating Bruno’s score during our Open Beta from June 2nd 2017 to June 4th 2017.

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AND STAY UPDATED!!! A lot of great updates are currently in development for the release next month.

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