SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #5

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #5

It’s been a while since we had an update on the development of SHOOTY TROOPS™. We’ve been heads down in running our Closed Alpha and Closed Beta testing. They both were extremely successful and we got some great feedback from the testers. We also decided to run our first ever TOP GUN competition. The player with the highest top score would win a promo code to unlock an exclusive SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN character. We will cover more of the competition below.

Leaps and bounds have been made with the development of SHOOTY TROOPS™. Things we have added and fixed since our last update include, but are not limited to:

Version 0.5 Fixes/Updates

  • Completely new environment models and textures
  • Display Top Kills
  • 4 additional unlockable characters added
  • Control Options
  • Added pause between waves
  • Updated Enemy Spawn location and delay

Version 0.52 Fixes/Updates

  • Fixed weapon pickup timer doesn’t display during every pickup
  • Increased fire rate of shotgun

Version 0.53 Fixes/Updates (Not Published will add to v0.6 build)

  • Fix for score not displaying properly after new wave and immediate player death
  • Updated font for better retro number displays


A big congrats goes to Bruno Zapata for being the first ever SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN. With an insane Top Score of 118 kills, Bruno absolutely dominated the game. He earned himself an exclusive TOP GUN character in SHOOTY TROOPS™. Subscribe to the 804 Game Studios™Development Newsletter or follow us on your social media platform of choice to see when the next TOP GUN competition will be.

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