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Experience the late 1800s like never before. Fight for survival in the harsh times of the wild west alone or with some friends. Be cautious in the actions you take...they will alter everyone's storyline. Be a law abiding citizen, an outlaw, or something in-between, the choice is yours in - The Western Wild.

The Western Wild is a very tongue in cheek comedy role-playing game set in the old west. Fight against bandits, or lead them...every choice you make will affect how the characters in the world will view and react to you. Learn and advance your ability in shooting, riding animals, and more. Grow from a butterfingered idiot to a slightly below mediocre gunman. Explore the open world and make a name for yourself in - The Western Wild.

The Western Wild has a unique character system in which your influence among the game characters is affected by who you socialize with. If you're playing as a law abiding citizen, but a friend joins you who plays as an outlaw, townsfolk may treat you differently and with a little more apprehension. However, from your friend's perspective, the characters may feel that they are attempting to turn over a new leaf. Everyone's game is completely dynamic and fluid. Careful who you play with, you may be offered a nice bounty for their capture.


The Western Wild™ is the second new IP project from the 804 Game Studios team.


  • A wide open world to explore
  • Horses, and bears, and raccoons...oh my!
  • An overuse of ragdoll effects
  • Customizable characters
  • Drop-in and drop-out multiplayer
  • A horrible monster


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The blog posts of the development cycle of The Western Wild™. 804gamestudios.com.

About 804 Game Studios LLC

804 Game Studios LLC was founded in early 2017 by a group of avid gamers and friends in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Led by founder and lead developer, Dave Evans, released their first mobile game “SHOOTY TROOPS™” in July 2017.

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The Western Wild™ Credits

Dave Evans
Creative Director/Lead Developer

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