Aerial Ruckus™ – Dev Blog #2, 3 & 4

Hey Everyone, it’s Dave again. These past few months have been super busy and I completely forgot about posting the updates on the website. So, here are the updates for months 2, 3 and 4. In the Devlog #2, I discussed how the primary focus was going to be documentation and design. In order to […]

Aerial Ruckus™ – Dev Blog #1

Hi everyone, this is Dave from 804 Game Studios. Recently I have been busy with designing, documenting and prototyping my new title Aerial Ruckus. I am proud to announce that not only will the title be released on PC, but also Playstation and Xbox consoles. I’m blown away that a little indie company like 804GS […]

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #9

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #9 “28 Days Later….” by The Bush Wookie Launch and July have come and gone and your favorite endless arcade shooter,  SHOOTY TROOPS™, has only been getting stronger, faster, and filled with enough content to think you are getting Christmas in July. I’m going to be honest and say I am […]

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #8

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #8 “Ladies and Gentlemen … we have lift-off” T-Minus 0:00 and SHOOTY TROOPS™ – The Endless Arcade Shooter is officially launched into the world. You’re Welcome. 804 Game Studios is proud to say we kept updating content until the last second, adding even more features that we thought would make […]

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #7

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #7 Salutations once again from the land of the 804. Before we start, Nǐ hǎo to the thousands of Chinese Players that downloaded our game over the past weekend. We heard you were competitive. Hope your thumbs can back it up. This is Tom, AKA the Bush Wookie, AKA your […]

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #6

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #5 v0.7010 is here and it’s full of Surprises!!! With the July 1st release just on the horizon, you’d think the 804 Rag Tag Development team would be sitting back in their beach chairs, dreaming of cookouts yet to come. You’d be 100% wrong. Your favorite neighborhood gaming studio has […]