SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Development Blog #7

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #7

Salutations once again from the land of the 804. Before we start, Nǐ hǎo to the thousands of Chinese Players that downloaded our game over the past weekend. We heard you were competitive. Hope your thumbs can back it up.

This is Tom, AKA the Bush Wookie, AKA your friendly neighborhood Community Manager bringing a quick, but oh so important update from the developers of SHOOTY TROOPS™.

As the countdown to SHOOTY TROOPS™ ticks down to the scheduled release date of July 1st, the developers here keep cranking out new content (Some for now. Even more for later) and have taken out the polish (but not the Polish, if you check our languages) to get your favorite endless arcade shooter into pristine condition.

804 proudly unveils the tiny digital miracle known hence forth as v0.8002.

Besides proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the 804 listens to each one of you guys input by reformatting and ripping out a few minor bugs. This update is a little different.

Have you ever had someone change the entire world … Just for you?? 804 has done just that … and only for you. The 804 studio has replaced our existing texture shaders for mobile performance increases.

So, what exactly does that mean? I didn’t know, so I asked and they told me in small words and diagrams.

It means the fastest shooting pixels on the net just got faster. Trust in the 804 … This is a GOOD thing. We didn’t feel you were playing or slaying up to your device’s real potential. Grasshopper, the console has made you soft, and we will remold you in the old school thumbs of steel.

SHOOTY TROOPS™ has also decided it was time to Habla and Sprechen with the best of them. For those keeping score at home, that means we have added Spanish and German to our language options. Now enjoy all your thumb crushing digital workouts multilingually. So please get out and share this with your Deutch and Espanol speaking gamer brethren. What language do you think is next?

Finally, the rag tag development team seems absolutely obsessed with new characters. The character selection page has been updated and even more characters have been added.

BUT WITH LAUNCH …. There’s a small twist. We know you love the zany antics, shenanigans, hijinks, and general tom foolery of the Shooties™, but starting now … Each Troop character is about to start having their own abilities. Each having their own little secrets. Their own powers.

Any one of them could be that one character that you bond with perfectly to get that victory count you’ve been craving. BUT REMEMBER!!! A lot of the characters can only be accessed by promotion codes, be it outright shown and advertised …. or fun, clever, or silly words hidden in dev blogs …. words like Espanol ….. but that is a hypothetical example and not a real promotion code. Put it in and see. you’ll get nothing from it ….

The promo board looks like this for when you want to use it. Not a clue

Seriously …. I don’t think I could make this easier. Stop writing me for codes …. a little effort here.

And never forget that the gift box button is your friend when it comes to our characters. Whether it is hitting the jackpot and getting the free character of the month from the gift box, or simply building your phat stack loot to buy a new one of your choice.

Bush Wookie leaving until next time … Keep your inner gamer happy … 

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SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Development Blog #6

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #5

v0.7010 is here and it’s full of Surprises!!!

With the July 1st release just on the horizon, you’d think the 804 Rag Tag Development team would be sitting back in their beach chairs, dreaming of cookouts yet to come. You’d be 100% wrong.

Your favorite neighborhood gaming studio has released even more Early Release updates. While fine tuning this game and adding thumb-numbing, mind bending performance increases, the 804 also decided to give our players a few surprises with update v0.7010.

Surprise #1 – “What’s in the box?”

Every time that your enemies cause you to make a hasty strategic retreat, you now have a button option to “watch this ad and get a gift box”. What’s in the box? Certainly there is going to be some coin love that you can use to grow your character collection  … and who knows …. MAYBE MORE!!!!

It’s a Magical Mystery Gift Box!!! It could be anything … or anybody …. THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE TO STAY UPDATED!!! You act like I am kidding but seriously … stay updated.

Surprise #2 – “Get your Polskie on!!!”

Whether you speak Polish or are just a Polish language enthusiast, SHOOTY TROOPS™ is here to help you get your Polskie on. Our team has played with gamers from every continent and every time zone. We are hoping that we can reach out to them as developers now and deliver some jaw dropping games to them in their native tongue.

We will continue to work on more language features, so make sure to keep checking our site and update notes.

Surprise #3 – “Super Secret Promo Codes”

Do YOU have a Promo Code??? Cause all the cool kids are using them.

Did you find it on Facebook??? Did you see it on Twitter??? Did you get it from your favorite Development Blog???

Well, fellow SHOOTY TROOPERS there ARE promo codes to be found … and the game hipster in the back of your skull should be going crazy now, knowing there are rewards and content that THOSE OTHER GUYS HAVE and you don’t.

The search will be long and hard, grasshopper …. but the 804 hand is generous …. and the rewards abundant.

 Surprise #4 – The Last …. and Best Surprise …. for at least two minutes

804’s “Diesel” Dave has a lot of content he is itching to pour out. I can’t guarantee he won’t just CONTENT OVERLOAD BURST (C.O.B.™) tomorrow and throw out a few more amazing new characters and/or features.

I just can’t. He might do it. You’ve been warned!!!

But we are unveiling for a short time, the character of the month for July …

He’s Red …. He’s White … He’s Blue-tiful!!! He’s brave enough to wear striped pants and a bow tie. Ladies and gentlemen …. Uncle Stan!!!

Applause and tears of joy are completely appropriate. It is a big moment for all of us. So, keep opening those gift boxes. That’s the only way to unlock him!!!

AND STAY UPDATED!!! A lot of great updates, promotions, and contests are currently in development for the release next month.

Well, that’s it for now. This is your 804 “Bush Wookie” Tom, signing off.

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The following is a Q&A with the first SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN Bruno Zapata.
804’s Community Manager, Tom, sits down with him to get all of his secrets.

“I feel the Need ….

The need to interview
Bruno Zapata!”

Bruno took absolutely no prisoners (which is currently not a feature) and left no question on who the SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN winner of our closed beta would be with a mammoth kill count of 118. With that win, Bruno took all bragging rights, stuffed them in his deep pockets, and also earned himself an exclusive TOP GUN character in SHOOTY TROOPS™.

I will not name names but at least one of the 804 is still trying to get 118 kills with adding all the games together.

The 804 decided it would be best to not let this predator run loose without getting the secret of his Two-Thumb Death Mastery.

804 (Tom): First, Bruno, what is your age and where are you from?

BRUNO ZAPATA (BZ): I’m 22 years old and I’m from Berwyn, IL

804: What are some of your life goals? What do you want to do?

BZ: My life goal is to break into the game industry so that I may become a level designer.

804: Your first name is Bruno. That is not a name to trifle with. Your last name starts with the word “Zap”. Zap means “to destroy or obliterate” or “move suddenly and rapidly”. Considering the mechanics of this game, do you feel your name gave you an unfair advantage?

BZ: My name has definitely helped me. It is unfortunate that not all players will be able to play with a name as perfectly suited for this game as mine.

804: At this point, other players have got to want some tips to gameplay in the planet’s most thumb-intensive, endless arcade shooter. What is the strategy you used to get such a break away score?

BZ: I distanced myself as far away as possible from the next enemy that was about to pop up. This gave me plenty of time to aim directly at enemies and take them out.

804: Without thinking about it …. what is your favorite SHOOTY TROOPS™ character and weapon of choice?

BZ: Turk is my favorite character. The small machine gun is my weapon of choice.

804: If you could design an exclusive SHOOTY TROOPS™ character, what would it be? Would his name be “Tom”?

BZ: My exclusive character would specialize in military aviation and he would take out enemies at lightning-fast speed. Tom would be a great name, however, I believe the nickname “Zap” would be more appropriate for my character.

804: SHOOTY TROOPS™ has gotten a pretty huge positive response during beta. As the SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN, what do you like about the game?

BZ: I love the randomization used to place enemies. It keeps players on their toes and requires them to constantly keep moving from the spot in which they are standing.

804: What features would you like for the 804 to develop or keep putting our creative energies into?

BZ: I would love to see more energy spent on creating power ups, such as armor or a temporary speed boost. This can allow players to reach higher kill streaks.

804: The 804 is all about trying to come up with games that are challenging and, most of all, entertaining. With the humor and approach you saw in SHOOTY TROOPS™ , What kind of game would you like to see the RAG TAG Development team tackle?

BZ: I would love to see your studio develop a game that focuses on destroying an entire city with a similar art style used for SHOOTY TROOPS. The ability to challenge and connect with players through social media would also be a plus.

All of us at the 804 would like to thank Bruno Zapata (trademark pending) for: his testing time, his feedback, his insane pixel destroying thumbs, his gracious acceptance as the first SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN, and his all-out rock star profile interview. Be sure to stop by and congratulate him on his twitter @brnzapata, but announce you are coming…we hear that he is still pretty jumpy from all the SHOOTY TROOPS™ gameplay.

The rest of you SHOOTY TROOPS™ maniacs out there keep those thumbs twitching and tell anyone and everyone humanly possible about SHOOTY TROOPS™.

You can try your hand at beating Bruno’s score during our Open Beta from June 2nd 2017 to June 4th 2017.

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AND STAY UPDATED!!! A lot of great updates are currently in development for the release next month.

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SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Development Blog #5

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #5

It’s been a while since we had an update on the development of SHOOTY TROOPS™. We’ve been heads down in running our Closed Alpha and Closed Beta testing. They both were extremely successful and we got some great feedback from the testers. We also decided to run our first ever TOP GUN competition. The player with the highest top score would win a promo code to unlock an exclusive SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN character. We will cover more of the competition below.

Leaps and bounds have been made with the development of SHOOTY TROOPS™. Things we have added and fixed since our last update include, but are not limited to:

Version 0.5 Fixes/Updates

  • Completely new environment models and textures
  • Display Top Kills
  • 4 additional unlockable characters added
  • Control Options
  • Added pause between waves
  • Updated Enemy Spawn location and delay

Version 0.52 Fixes/Updates

  • Fixed weapon pickup timer doesn’t display during every pickup
  • Increased fire rate of shotgun

Version 0.53 Fixes/Updates (Not Published will add to v0.6 build)

  • Fix for score not displaying properly after new wave and immediate player death
  • Updated font for better retro number displays


A big congrats goes to Bruno Zapata for being the first ever SHOOTY TROOPS™ TOP GUN. With an insane Top Score of 118 kills, Bruno absolutely dominated the game. He earned himself an exclusive TOP GUN character in SHOOTY TROOPS™. Subscribe to the 804 Game Studios™Development Newsletter or follow us on your social media platform of choice to see when the next TOP GUN competition will be.

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SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Development Blog #4

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #4

We have made a lot of updates to SHOOTY TROOPS™ over the past week. Our testers have provided us with invaluable feedback and we are wrapping up on some final development for our Closed Beta. Make sure you sign up for our beta as slots are limited and time is running out. Below is a video of some of the great features that were added thanks to the feedback from our Alpha Testers.

Some additional features will be added for beta testing to include: multiple unlockable characters, each with their own voice and personality, new environment models, audio improvements, and much more!

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