SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #5

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #5 It’s been a while since we had an update on the development of SHOOTY TROOPS™. We’ve been heads down in running our Closed Alpha and Closed Beta testing. They both were extremely successful and we got some great feedback from the testers. We also decided to run our first […]

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #4

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #4 We have made a lot of updates to SHOOTY TROOPS™ over the past week. Our testers have provided us with invaluable feedback and we are wrapping up on some final development for our Closed Beta. Make sure you sign up for our beta as slots are limited and time […]

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #2

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #2 Endless Variety of Levels We are making some good progress on the development of SHOOTY TROOPS™. We have a truly endless shooter with procedurally generated levels and bad guys. You will never play the same levels twice. Random Weapon Pickups We have weapons that spawn randomly throughout the level […]

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #1

SHOOTY TROOPS™ – Dev Blog #1 Introducing the first mobile game developed by 804 Game Studios™ titled “SHOOTY TROOPS™”. This FREE Endless Arcade Shooter will put your fingers to the test! Fight off wave after wave of baddies as you start with a simple handgun and eventually (if you survive long enough) end up with […]

Journey – First Try!

[yp_single_image img_src=”614″ img_size=”500×375″ link_to_full_image=”true” icon=”fa fa-search-plus” class=”pull-left”] Jackson Isai? Tu quoque … A te quidem a ante. Vos scitis quod blinking res Ive ‘been vocans super vos? Et conteram illud, et conteram hoc. Maledicant druggie excors. Iam hoc tu facere conatus sum ad te in omni tempore? Ludum mutavit. Verbum est ex. Et … sunt […]

Coming to Youplay – Broken Age

[vc_row][vc_column][yp_carousel style=”4″ width=”350px” badges_always_show=”” class=”pull-right”][yp_carousel_img img_src=”623″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default”][yp_carousel_img img_src=”608″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default” href=””][yp_carousel_img img_src=”612″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default”][yp_carousel_img img_src=”607″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default”][/yp_carousel][vc_column_text]Locutus est tibi? Respondeo dicendum esset iustus? Quæ? Quem populum? Mensis abhinc Gus occidere vellet uterque. Et nunc, utatur LAB et trahit vos de … quae … a socio gunman? […]