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804 Game Studios™ was founded in early 2017 by a group of avid gamers and friends in Richmond, VA. Led by founder Dave Evans, this rag, tag group is currently developing their second title after their premier game “SHOOTY TROOPS™”. Sign up for our Development Newsletter to keep up-to-date as this small team creates some exciting games.

Our Games


ReleasedJune 30, 2017
PlatformsAmazon, Android, iOS
GenreEndless, Arcade Shooter, Single Player

The Western Wild

Release DateTBD
Operating SystemMac, Windows
GenreSingle Player, Multiplayer, RPG
Minimum System RequirementsTBD
Preferred System RequirementsTBD

Aerial Ruckus

Release DateTBD
Operating SystemMac, Windows, XboxOne, PS4
GenreCasual, Action, Battle Royale, Flight
Minimum System RequirementsTBD
Preferred System RequirementsTBD


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